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Lizzy Bennet

4 o' clock tea, accents, agatha christie, alan rickman, anne elliott, anne of avonlea, anne of green gables, anne of the island, anne shirley, arthur conan doyle, audrey hepburn, auriga sinistra, austen, autumn, avonlea, barbara pym, books, britain, burning the midnight oil, c.s. lewis, canada, captain wentworth, catherine norland, christianity, classics, colin firth, colonel brandon, daydreaming, deep conversations, derbyshire writers guild, devonshire cream, devonshire design, diaries, education, edward ferrars, edwardian, edwardian dress, edwardian era, edwardian fashions, edwardian gowns, elegance, elinor dashwood, elizabeth bennet, ella fitzgerald, emma, emma thompson, emma woodhouse, england, english tea, eras of elegance, fall breezes, fanny price, femininity, fitzwilliam darcy, foggy days, fountain pens, gerard butler, gibson girls, gibson manor, gilbert blythe, graceful elegance, icons, imagine, imagining, j.k. rowling, jane austen, jane austen icons, jane austen mysteries, jane bennet, jazz, jeeves, jeeves and wooster, jennifer ehle, kindred spirits, l. m. montgomery, l.m. montgomery, l.m.montgomery, lady e. clone, letter writing, libraries, lord of the rings, lovely things, lucy maud montgomery, manners, mansfield park, marianne dashwood, midnight writing sprees, moonlight, mr bingley, mr darcy, mr knightley, mr. darcy, mr. knightley, museums, mystery, nanowrimo, northanger abbey, old books, old fashioned, old movies, old things, old time period dresses, old-fashioned dresses, oscar wilde, p. g. wodehouse, pemberley, period etiquette, period films, persuasion, phantom of the opera, pirates of the carribean, playing piano, pride and prejudice, prince edward island, quotations, rain at night, reading, regency, regency era, regency gowns, sense and sensibility, sinistra, snape, snape/sinistra, some tame gazelle, star wars, tea, the classics, the gibson girls, the smell of rain, tower of london, travel, victorian, victorian era, victorian fashion, victorian tea parties, victorian trading company, victoriana, writing